About the Studio

  • Professional Teaching Staff
  • Fun, Supportive Environment
  • Small Class Size for Quality Instruction

Kate Rubin Theatre & Drama Studio has offered quality acting courses for children, teens, and adults in Victoria since 1996. The studio’s year round programming includes afterschool and homeschooler classes, individual coaching, youth and teen performance companies, summer camps, and adult workshops and courses.

About Kate Rubin

Kate Rubin has lived and worked professionally as an actor and drama teacher in Victoria for over 22 years. She has taught and performed for many theatres, schools, and organizations in the city including Kaleidoscope Theatre, Langham Court Theatre, Theatre Inconnu, Giggling Iguana, Wave Theatre, Camosun College, and the University of Victoria. She has run Kate Rubin Theatre and Drama Studio for 22 years.

About Theatre SKAM and SKAM Studios

Kate Rubin Theatre is now under the umbrella of Theatre SKAM, a local not-for-profit company who has been playing to theatre audiences in Victoria and on tour for 22 years. Part of Theatre SKAM’s mandate is to encourage and employ emerging artists, so taking over a well loved, well attended, and hugely respected school was an easy decision to make.  SKAM’s philosophy to encourage youth and adults to explore their creativity goes hand-in-hand with Kate Rubin’s viewpoint of theatrical learning. 

The SKAM Studios create a homey and safe environment for students and professionals alike. 

What the studio encourages most in students is:

  • Flexibility (in voice, body, mind, attitude)
  • Self Motivation and responsibility
  • Supportiveness towards others and self
  • Courage
  • Imagination and playfulness
  • Concentration and focus
  • Being an attentive audience member
  • Variety of experience and learning

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