For young people who are ready for growth and challenge in the theatre, this program offers fantastic opportunities. Theatre students build their dramatic skill set intensively through numerous opportunities to perform their work at professional theatrical venues in Victoria. The emphasis is on student – centred learning and group ensemble development.  The Advance Actors Company members learn to work creatively together and develop an artistic discipline and work ethic.

This highly regarded and popular program, now entering its 20th year, provides serious theatre students with an opportunity to train extensively. Students study movement, voice, improvisation and acting techniques and engage in self-evaluation, group discussion and collaboration. This course also provides the opportunity to study specific methodologies with guest instructors from Victoria’s professional theatre community. In the fall, students will focus on creating a series of short performances to be presented in the studio and at the fall showcase. In the spring, building of the work in the fall, the program culminates with the students devising, writing and presenting their own work to the community in a professional theatre setting. From beginning to end, from development, to read through, to rehearsal, to memorization, and to the final performance with set, sound, lights and costumes, these students have the opportunity to learn what a professional does. They perform a public run of evening shows and matinees. These performances are non-negotiable and part of the commitment to the program. Collaboration and commitment to the ensemble is a crucial part of the learning as well as giving the students an amazing opportunity to develop overall performance skills.

*There will be some volunteer help asked of parents for the large production in May (i.e.: help with selling tickets at the door, concession, help with set painting, sponsorship in programs, etc). We do our best to keep the time commitment down for these jobs but as theatre is a labour intensive art, some help is gratefully appreciated.

*Admission fees to the production are not included in the class fee. The production costs which include rental of venue, costumes, sets, technician, publicity, etc is totally covered by ticket sales. The course fee covers hours of instruction and rehearsal hours. The production is open to the general public and students are encouraged to bring as many of their friends and relatives as they can to support them in this wonderful achievement.

Fall 2017

September 20th – November 29th (12 Weeks)
Performances: Fall Showcase performance on December 2nd at Metro Studio Theatre . Professional Performance of Full play in May and Spring Showcase in Early June.
Wednesday 5pm– 7:30pm (2.5 hours)
Instructor: Kathleen Greenfield
Fee: $505.00

Full Year: September 20th, 2017 – May 28th, 2018 (9 months)
Tuition: $1207 or $134.11 per month for 9 months



Entry into the Advanced Acting Company (AAC) by audition/interview only.

The next round of auditions for AAC  are to be held on August 26 & 27, 2017 @ SKAM STUDIOS

Please email or call 250.386.7526 if you are interested in auditioning. Students who wish to return to the company must schedule a follow-up interview.