Act 1 for Home Learners (Ages 7 – 10)

The studio has been offering drama and theatre classes for home learners for over a decade.

These classes help build confidence, expression and collaborative skills. Young drama students will enjoy this combined creative drama and beginning level acting class. The teacher, incorporating movement, voice, improvisation, cooperative dramatic development, and stage awareness exercises will help build students understanding of theatre and of their own expression and skills. The emphasis of the class is on skill development and dramatic play, but a part of the session will focus on a simple performance piece reflecting some of their work. This will be performed at the end of the session for a small in-studio audience. Attendance is important for continuity. Students are encouraged to join for more than one term as the class will work together to create a different presentation at the end of each session.

Funding is available through many home learning organizations including Self Design and Oak and Orca.


Fall Session                                                  
September 12th - November 28th (12 Weeks)                      
Tuesdays 11am - 12pm                 
Instructor: Kathleen Greenfield