Improvisation 1 ( Ages 9-13 )

In this class, students will learn the basic skills of improvisational theatre through games and simple scene work. Skills they will be working on include how to give and receive ideas from their scene partner, the basics of character work, as well as problem solving and learning how to tell simple stories, all while working together. Students will be expanding on basic improv skills learned and challenged on their ability to listen to their scene partner(s), and provide strong offers through more advanced scene work, and games. They will learn how to explore themes, tell more enriched stories, create unique characters with more depth. Different improv formats, such as Tap Out and the Domino will be taught and developed. This class can be taken a number of times to develop the requisite skills to move to the next level. A performance will take place on the last day of class.

The classes will culminate in a sharing of student’s work before an in studio audience plus a showcase at Langham Court Theatre on Sunday June 18.


Spring Session
April 3 - June 12 (10 sessions) 
**Holiday April 17th
Mondays 4:00 – 5:30pm
Instructor: Monica Ogden
$252.00 (incl. tax)