YouTube for Teens (Age 12 – 17)

“Welcome to my channel!” and welcome to YouTube for Teens. In this class, students will learn to create, responsibly manage, and post media content to their own Youtube channel. YouTube is an accessible media platform that has garnered world-wide media attention with stars like Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, iisuperwomanii and MirandaSings. Led by Monica Ogden, actor, improviser, and content creator of “Fistful of Feminism” on YouTube, students will learn to navigate YouTube, harness their unique creativity, and make videos ranging from vlogs, parody, musical covers, activism, lip dubs, viral videos and more. With discussions on YouTube culture/community, online ethics, and critical media analysis, students will participate in an immersive learning experience focused on awareness, safety and responsibility.

What you need: any camera or iphone, access to simple editing software (i-movie, final cut pro).

By the end of term, students will have participated in the creation of their own personalized channels. Favourite videos to be selected for our final presentation date.

Fall Session

September 16th – November 25th (11 Weeks)

Saturdays: 4pm – 5:30pm

Instructor: Monica Ogden

Fee: $299.00


Example of past student, Atticus Cohen-Yelle’s own channel:

Entry into the YouTube for Teens by interview only.

The next round of interviews for YouTube for Teens  are to be held on

Friday September 1st – 10am – Noon at SKAM STUDIOS

Please email or call 250.386.7526 if you are interested in auditioning. Students who wish to return to the company must schedule a follow-up interview.